Young Leaders

The Young Leaders' Scheme is just one of the exciting programme elements in the Explorer Scout section. All leaders in the Beaver Scout, Cub Scout and Scout Section who are between the ages of 14 and 18 must be members of a Young Leaders Unit. They are Explorer Scouts who choose to devote a large proportion of their time in Scouting to service in another section.

The Young Leaders' Scheme helps Explorer Scouts to develop and grow as individuals. It allows them to make a valuable contribution to their community and give service to others. The scheme also helps them fulfil the service elements of their awards.

Module A Badge

Module A Badge is awarded after the completion of Module A - Prepare for Take Off of the Young Leaders' Scheme. This Module is the only compulsory Module and MUST be completed by ALL Young Leaders within 3 months of signing up to the Young Leaders' Scheme.

Mission Badges

on completion of each of the Missions, the Young Leader is presented with a Mission Badge. This badge fits round each of the four sides of the Module A Badge

Young People First guidence for Young Leaders (Orange Card)

The Young Leaders' Young People First card (orange card) is a version of the Young People First card (yellow card) which Adults in Scouting are issued with. The orange card has the main Child Protection policy written in language which Explorer Scouts will find more suitable.

This card is handed out before the young person becomes a Young Leader, even if they are only trying out the role.

The guidence is designed to safeguard the welfare of all Members.

The card is a free resource available from the Information Centre

You can view and download PDF plan of the Young People First card (orange card) here