Aim of the Volunteering Section

To encourage service to individuals and to the community through volunteering.

The Principles

This Section is based on the belief that members of a community have a responsibility to each other and voluntary help is needed.

Young people should identify the voluntary service required to gain some knowledge of the needs of those whom they are assisting and then receive briefing and training in the skills required to give that service. The value of participation in the volunteering section comes from training, giving practical service and appreciating the needs of the community.


Although the specific benefits depend on the choice of activity, the Volunteering Section should provide opportunities to:

  • Make a personal contribution
  • Appreciate the needs of others and contribute to their well being
  • Trust and be trusted
  • Understand personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Overcome prejudice and fears
  • Generate positive action in the community
  • Accept responsibility


Participants are required to train for and give service to others. Consideration should first be given to the proposed form of practical service to be followed and then to the training required so that the service can be undertaken with competence and insight.

Depending on the form of service chosen, this training could range from an outline briefing session to a specialised training course or qualification.

  • There is flexibility as to how the hours are spent within the total time span, as long as there is regular involvement throughout, averaging at least an hour a week.
  • For forms of service requiring a training course or qualification, the minimum time requirements include the time spent in training and the time spent in practical service.

Opportunities within Scouting

There are a number of different ways of completing the Volunteering Section within Scouting, not just being a Young Leader or Adult Leader.

  • Young Leader : Scout Association
  • Adult Leader: Scout Association
  • Activity Leader : Outdoor Leadership
  • Campsite Service Crew : Environment
  • Supporting the Duke of Edinburgh's Award within their local area : Award Leadership
  • Fundraising : Fundraising (not for their own trips, but for specific projects and charities)
  • First Aid : First Aid (don't forget that there is a practical service requirement and not just completing the training)

For full details of these programmes check the detail in the Award Porgrammes File or on

Service in Scouting

Details of the requirements for the Service Section when doing Young Leadership or Adult Leadership are available here.